Protect your privacy online with this top-rated VPN on sale

Protect your privacy online with this top-rated VPN on sale


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These days, browsing the web without a VPN is an irresponsible thing to do. Our lives are now more online than ever due to the pandemic, and it has resulted in an uptick in cybercrime, meaning that the internet is teeming with hackers who are out to prey on your private data. It pays to be extra vigilant, and you can do that by taking the necessary security precautions, such as using a VPN like this one from KeepSolid


To the uninitiated, a VPN or Virtual Private Network functions as your shield when you go online. What it does is creates a private network from your internet connection, masking your IP address and rendering you virtually anonymous on the internet. All your activity will be untraceable and none of your private info will fall into the hands of malicious hackers.

While the market is beset with VPN options, it would serve you best to select the best. KeepSolidVPN has been helmed as the Top VPN by various outfits, and, for a limited time, you can grab a lifetime subscription for only $39.


Whether you're connected to your home network or public Wi-Fi, KeepSolid VPN ensures your online privacy and security so you can gain full control over your digital life. It reliably protects your data using military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, and it never throttles your surfing speed nor your bandwidth. 

With over 400 VPN servers spread across 80 locations globally, it also allows you to bypass geographic restrictions, so you can enjoy your favorite content without worry. It promises never to store any of your data with its strict zero-log policy, and you can use it on up to five devices simultaneously, whether it's a desktop Mac or PC or a mobile iOS or Android device.

Protect your privacy and browse online without any restrictions with KeepSolid VPN. Typically $199, you can get it on sale for $39 for a limited time, saving 80%.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription - $39

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